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Western Sydney Law Students Association INC.


What we do

Western Sydney Law Students’ Association Incorporated (‘WSLSA’) is the pre-eminent association for students studying law at Western Sydney University. Founded in 1996 and run entirely by students, the WSLSA aims to enrich the university life of students by hosting a range of professional and social events throughout the academic year.

The WSLSA exists to enhance the lives of WSU law students by providing opportunities to take part in practical legal skills workshops, national mooting competitions, careers events, industry competitions, social networking, and advocating. We host various events throughout the year from careers nights, competitions and socials (yes, we party too) to provide and enhance that sought-after “University experience” valued by incoming and outgoing students alike. The WSLSA has a significant presence within the legal community both within and outside of WSU, and our events are always highly anticipated and wildly successful.